Furen owns a strong R&D team of more than 360 dedicated personnel consisting of experts, professors, PhD and multidisciplinary talents, among them 68 persons have Senior Professionals title, 53 have PhD degree and 16 are provincial and national drug evaluation experts.  With the goal of growing into one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Furen not only pays close attention to domestic and overseas medical dynamics, but also conducts research and development of new products and innovative technology.  While introducing new products from abroad, Furen also focuses on technical innovation and emphasizes technical reform of existing products, hoping to realize industrialization of new products and technology through pilot-scale study.

Approved by Chinese Major Science and Technology Projects, Furen has established “Innovative Drug Incubator” and “Pilot-scale Platform for Chemical Drug Preparation.” In addition, Furen also has NDRC-approved “Pilot-scale Platform for Extraction and Purification of Active TCM Ingredients” and “Pilot-scale Platform of Pharmaceutical Preparation R&D.”

In recent years, Furen has conducted about 300 research projects, including 16 key projects, e.g. National New Drug R&D, National High-tech Industrialization Projects and Key Projects of Henan province and 56 innovative drug projects.  Furen has achieved about 160 new drug certificates, clinical trial and production licenses from CFDA. Moreover, Furen has applied 51 national and international inventive patents and achieved 2 international and 33 national patents authorization. Our remarkable accomplishment in new products and innovative technology has won wide concern and acknowledgement.  In 2010 and 2011, Furen was awarded Top 10 Enterprise with Excellent R&D Pipeline by China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center.

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